Our Communities are Our Priority

Valley Care Community Consortium ( VCCC) is a committed member of the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valley striving to increase access to comprehensive care, engaging with community stakeholders, and leading collaboratives to drive community empowerment through community health outreach initiatives.

The pandemic has disproportionately impacted some of our most vulnerable communities, exasperating the social, racial, and economic disparities experienced by many in the San Fernando Valley. Many areas within the San Fernando Valley reflected vaccination rates below 40% and were identified as hot spots for the spread of COVID. VCCC has taken an active role in helping stop the spread of COVID by implementing a COVID-19 Health Equity Program, funded by the Los Angeles County COVID-19 Community Equity Program.

VCCC is committed to sharing information and resources with communities hardest to reach. Our goal is to play an active role to equip San Fernando Valley residents with the knowledge and skills to help everyone stay safe during the pandemic. VCCC provides personal protective equipment (PPE) kits, and reliable educational materials and coordinates pop-up vaccine clinics with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (DPH) in Pacoima, North Hills, and Van Nuys cities within San Fernando Valley to continue to stay informed and stay safe during these uncertain times.

Upcoming COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics & Community Events

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